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Brochure Printing

Brochure Printing Benefits:
  • Order quantities as low as 100 copies
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  • We are a FSC certified printer
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Brochure Printing Design Tips

Custom brochures are an extremely versatile and adaptable product that can promote your business in many exciting ways. While savvy customers are doing more of their business via the Internet, they still enjoy the personal sense of connection and reassurance they get from receiving printed materials.

Brochure printing is a great way to give your potential customers all the pertinent information they need, while providing concrete materials to endorse your market presence.

Regardless of how you organize your custom brochures, they are a crucial marketing tool because they do not have the time and size limitations of other forms of advertising. Promote your newest products, offerings or your company in general with brochure printing from Main Street Printing.

As a leader in brochure printing, our high quality, brochure printing comes with affordable pricing and fast turn around time. We do not gang run jobs which is why we can offer you a wider varity of paper choices.

Brochure printing tips and the other related printing tips will allow you to maximize the power of your messages to prospects and customers for all your brochure printing, flyer printing, post card printing, catalog printing and other promotional printing needs. Brochure printing tips is the right place to find help for all your brochure printing needs from creation through folding and cutting options. Brochures, flyers, sell sheets and data/product sheets are among todays most powerful and frequently used print communications. Brochures are extremely versatile in both content and use. Hand your brochures out at trade shows or provide them to your sales reps as selling aids. Letter fold them and they make a great substitute for postcards in a direct mail campaign. Use the 11″ x 17″ format and they make a great mini catalog.

About Brochures – Flyers – Sell Sheets – Data/Product Sheets

Make your first impression a powerful and lasting one with high quality, full color brochures, flyers, sell sheets or data/product sheets. Great looking, promotional brochures can create a compelling image of your company and its products and services. Whether your promotional need is a real estate listing, product flyer or catalog, trade show handout, data sheet, or other application, a brochure printing format can be just the answer. Your creativity and the use of full color in your brochure printing can project your organization’s image and its product or services that will achieve the impact you need and want.

Brochures typically are a flat size of 8 1/2″ x11″ or 11″x17″. The number and types of folds selected in your layout enable you to create a variety of print communications in terms of look and function. For instance, tri-fold an 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet to create a 6 panel or page (3 front and 3 back) brochure which can also be designed as a self-mailer. Fold an 11″ x 17″ sheet in half and you have a terrific 4-page brochure or catalog. As a result, your design concept begins with the amount of information to display within the constraints of the size and layout. Start with a layout that includes the text and images you will need to convey your message. Brochure printing design can be a challenge, so you might consider using a professional designer or the in house design department of your printer. For more brochure printing design tips.

Brochures are typically printed in more than one color. Research shows that people respond more positively and remember longer full color promotional brochures. Picking the right paper can also have a significant effect on the impact of your brochure. Most people choose a heavier weight, coated paper to achieve a more vibrant upscale look and feel.

Brochure Folding

The folding of your brochure can have a significant impact on its look, feel and functionality. Folding option examples include:
1. Half Fold- Single fold providing 4 pages.
2. Tri Fold- Left and right flaps open to reveal a message inside.
3. Z Fold- The piece opens up like an accordion.

Brochure Ordering Tips
Make sure you place your order with an experienced and knowledgeable commercial printer with a reputation for quality, reliability and one that is easy to do business with. As with many important purchases the least expensive is frequently not the best value. Your local area printers may be able to do your job but printers with web sites can do an even better job with benefits like low prices, instant price quotes and easy online ordering. For brochure printing prices go the Brochures section.