How often do you have a business say, “Call Me”.  In this day and age of email, text messages and social media, most of hardly ever think about picking up our phones to make a actual phone call.  I am guilty of this myself, most of the time I fire off a quick text to check on people.  Why not?  It’s easy!  But even I know there is something missing in all of this.

How many times have you been on a website searching for a product and had questions, but no one to ask?  Isn’t that frustrating???  And then, it  is even more frustrating to try and get someone on the phone to speak to you, sure the site may have a live chat function but that is not the same.  We have a live chat function on USA Printing Online too, for those who may prefer that method of communication.  However on our site, we practically beg for you to call us, so do it; I promise I will answer!!!

Ok, now on to Prince…I cannot believe he died last Thursday!!!  It was pouring down rain that day in NC; I would like to think that it was raining everywhere Thursday, purple rain.  What a great loss.  I grew up idolizing Prince…remember I was a child of the 80’s Bowie and Prince were the kings!    I remember finding the movie “Purple Rain” on HBO on TV as an adolescent, maybe I should rephrase that.  Sneaking to watch “Purple Rain” on TV because it was rated R, and I was not really supposed to be watching a rated R movie.  I loved it!  “Purple Rain”  has always been one of my favorite songs, but it has to be the unedited album cut that has the long guitar solo at the end…that really makes the song.  Ok, so maybe not something to be proud of, but it left an undeniable imprint.  I will always remember that the first rate R movie that I watched was “Purple Rain”.  Prince will definitely be missed.

When I started on this post, I fully intended to link a Blondie song but after hearing that Prince had died I went in a completely different direction.











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