I would say that I like color a lot, for instance the interior of my house is painted with a lot of vibrant colors ranging from green to purple.  I chuckle to myself every now and then when I think of the name of my bedroom color, Benjamin Moore’s Purple Haze.  I sometimes even think about Jimi Hendrixdownload when I enter the room.  What would he think if he knew something as mundane as paint was named after one of his most well-known songs?  If I had it my way, I would have chosen only paint colors that were named after songs, preferably 1960’s songs as I imagine them being more vibrant and bright.

When deciding on color for your printed piece, you have many options to choose from.  We can build almost any color from four color process, with the exception of metallic colors which always look better as a pantone, or spot color.  I would recommend spending some time on Pantone’s Website and looking at the unlimited choices.  If you do not know which route to go, spot color or four color process , we can always help you in making that determination.

You might be scratching your head thinking what does spot mean and what is Pantone?  I added another link to Pantone’s site that offers a detailed explanation.  It gets a little technical and I feel like it is better for me to direct you right to the source.

Remember, we offer all of these color options in all of the products we print, for example catalogs.  We will be offering a 10% discount on all digital catalogs up to 52 pages starting September 1st!  Be on the lookout for an email with the details.

Let your world and your printing be colorful!!!  And for the time being, enjoy this classic by Jimi…

Until next time,