I think about customer service and how it applies to me and my customers on a daily basis.  As I sit at my desk typing this blog, I have images of Tom Cruise madly writing his “mission statement” in the movie Jerry Maguire.  All the while, “Getting In Tune” by The Who is banging in the background.  I sometimes ask myself, “Why can’t I have an a-ha moment like that with a perfect soundtrack  in the background?”   That’s my life every day,  well at least the soundtrack part.  I can’t always speak to the “a-ha” moment!  It sometimes takes me days or weeks to come up with my next blog.   In thinking about this post,  I thought about my mission statement.  Hopefully, mine will not get me into as much trouble as Jerry’s did (I inserted a link to the full mission statement courtesy of Cameron Crowe)!



The most integral part of my mission statement is customer service.  What does it mean to me?  What does customer service mean to you?  I often wonder in my day to day life why does it seem that there is so  little emphasis on customer service in business these days?  Just pay attention the next time at the check out counter at most stores; how are you treated?  The way I treat my customers and make them feel about USA Printing Online and me, is the most important part of my job!  I could talk about customer service and building relationships for days!  So, I thought I would make this into an installment and only focus on one item today.

1.  Smile Through the Phone

As cheesy as this might sound, it is the truth.  People can tell when you are smiling and happy.  It makes a difference in how they react to and with you.  A pleasing demeanor makes even the most difficult situations a little easier.  I know this probably sounds like 1950’s propaganda on how to be charming and debonair, but give it a chance.

If you call me to tell me you have a problem with a job that you received and I am snarky with you, chances are that you will be snarky back.  The biggest risk in this situation is that you will no longer want to do business with me.  But if I am amenable and listen to your concerns and treat you with kindness, you will probably give me a chance to redeem myself.  Do you see where I am getting with this?  Happiness is contagious and I truly believe that happy people make the world a better place.

Maybe you will have your “a-ha moment…

Until next time,


Mission Statement, Customer Service

“It was only a mission statement”