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Presentation folders are a key to creating a good presentation
Presentation folder printing is simply professional, elegant folders that are often imprinted with a company’s name and logo, as well as other pertinent information. Presentation folders are used to hold papers, brochures and other documents, and take the place of plain folders. Presentation folder printing completes the look of an organized, coordinated professional and are excellent marketing tools in and out of the workplace.

Pocket folder printing should be part of your marketing plan to present your company in the most professional way possible. 9 x 12 color 2 pocket folder printing quotes are for 4-color process printing on the outside. Inside, you have the option of 4-color process or 1-color (black ink). All 2 pocket folder printing includes a protective coating at NO CHARGE. This gives your 2 pocket folder printing project a durable, high-end finish.

9 x 12 color 2 pocket folder printing is done on your choice of 120 lb. gloss or dull cover stock, as well as the option to use 12pt. coated one side stock. 2 pocket folder printing can have one or two pockets. Your 2 pocket folder printing includes printed pockets for no additional cost. The printing is done on a flat sheet then die-cut, folded and glued.

If you have a need for custom color 2 pocket folder printing, just click on any custom quote button and send it to us. Your request will go straight to our estimator and you will have your quote emailed back within 24 hours. Other questions about 2 pocket folder printing, please call our support department at 1-866-887-7218.

We know that to keep you coming back, customer service is key. Your job will be in the hands of a qualified Customer Service Representative from start to finish. Your CSR will work to resolve any file problems in pre-press, monitor your job at the press stage and in bindery and carry out any special instructions you have.

Our promise at usaprintingonline.com is to make your print buying experience the best ever!

Some of the Industry Groups that we have provided 2 pocket folder printing services for are:

  • Real Estate
  • Medical
  • Insurance
  • Construction
  • Banking
  • Restaurant
  • Entertainment
  • Hotel

The right Presentation Folder printing:
Your presentation folder printing should have a company logo imprinted on them. These front facing logos serve as a reminder to those viewing your presentation folder printing. Remember, the logo you use on your presentation folder should be large enough to be seen from more than a few feet away. There are a wide variety of colors you can choose for your presentation folder printing. If your company is more conservative, choose neutral, subdued or even dark colors. If your company is trendy and on the up-and-up in today’s busy industry, go for bright, bold and vivid colors that automatically draw the eye.

Presentation Folder color options:
Our website offers many color options for your presentation folders. The most common is full color process. This gives you many options to create the look you want your presentation folder to have. Presentation folder printing can be done as one or two color as well. USAprintingonline.com does all presentation folder printing with a 400 line screen hi-resolution process. This assures that your presentation folders are sharp and vivid.

More Presentation Folder printing options:
Companies decide to use presentation folder printing as a way to have custom presentation folders. When you buy as-is printed presentation folders, you can’t make any changes. When you choose to use presentation folders printed by USAprintingonline.com, you are entirely in charge of choosing folder sizes, styles, colors, paper type and finishes, and what type of imprints you would like and where you would like them placed on the business presentation folders. You can choose 4 color presentation folder printing to use color images or match your company logo.

One popular choice for custom presentation folders is to add a third panel to the typical two panel folder. The third panel can be used to sort documents, offer writing space, or help with the overall durability of the folder. Then there are the pocket cuts – horizontal, vertical, or somewhere in between with the angled pockets. Custom presentation folders are a great way to set yourself apart. USAprintingonline.comwe know presentation folders

By tailoring your business presentation folders so that they match your exact specifications, you’re doing one more thing to create a professional, tailored look for all those who see and listen to your presentations. When choosing the specifications for your presentation folder printing project, you will decide number of pockets, business card slits and the finish of paper for your business presentation folder printing.