Commercial Color Printing is a great way to advertise and promote your business and products to its clients and customers. Make your first impression a powerful and lasting one with high quality, full color brochures, flyers, sales sheets or data/product sheets. Great looking promotional brochures can create a compelling image for your company and its products and services. Whether your promotional need is a real estate listing, product flyer or catalog, trade show handout, data sheet, or other application, a printing format can be just the answer. Your creativity combined with USA Printing Online will achieve the impact you need and want. Let USA Printing Online help you achieve and show you what a huge difference full color quality printing can make for you.

USA Printing Online does all its printing using a high definition line screen which makes your printing look first class. All the papers we offer are proven quality brands with good opacity characteristics. You are able to select different paper options when you’re getting ready to make your printing decisions. On the instant quote calculator page, click on the drop down menu below the word “Paper” for descriptions on different types of papers to choose from. We want you to be pleased with your printing project, so feel free to call us if you have questions.

Two common printing problems to remember: Low Resolution Images and No Bleeds.

  • All the images used in your color brochure printing design should be 250-300 dpi. Using images with less than 250 dpi can give a digitized appearance. Using images over 300 dpi will not yield better results, just a larger file size.
  • Color brochure printing that has image running off the edge of the finished sheet is called a bleed. The image or color should extend out past the finished size by .125 (1/8) of an inch. This extra amount is what we will trim off to allow for the bleed.

Six important tips to think about before creating your printing project:

  • A Design concepts begin with the amount of information to display within the constraints of the size and layout. Start with a layout that includes the text and images you will need to convey your message. Brochure printing design can be a challenge, so you might consider using a professional designer or our in house design department at USA Printing. We are always available to help you in all areas of the design and printing of your project.
  • Brochures typically are a flat size of 8 1/2″ x11″ or 11″x17″. The number and types of folds selected in your layout enable you to create a variety of print communications in terms of look and function. An 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet can create a 3 panel front and back brochure and can also be designed as a self-mailer. Fold an 11″ x 17″ sheet in half and you have a terrific 4-page brochure or catalog.
  • The folding of your brochure can have a significant impact on its look, feel, and functionality. Folding option examples include:
    1. Half Fold – Single fold providing 4 pages.
    2. Tri Fold – Left and right flaps open to reveal a message inside.
    3. Z Fold – The piece opens up like an accordion.
  • Color brochure printing that involves folding must be designed with proper panel sizes. For instance, a tri-fold color brochure has two equal panels and one shorter panel. But don’t worry, all the correct panel sizes for just about any type of fold can be found by clicking on the Printing Tips link on the main color brochure printing page.
  • Brochures are typically printed in more than one color. Research shows that people respond more positively and remember a full color promotional brochure for a longer time. Picking the right paper can also have a significant effect on the impact of your brochure. Most people choose a heavier weight, coated paper to achieve a more vibrant upscale look and feel.
  • And finally, make sure you place your order with an experienced and knowledgeable commercial printer with a reputation for quality, reliability and one that is easy to do business with. As with many important purchases, the least expensive is frequently not the best value. Your local area printers may be able to do your job but printers with web sites can do an even better job with benefits like low prices, instant price quotes and easy online ordering.

Just Because You Get Discounted Prices, Doesn’t Mean You’ll Get Discounted Service!