What is a Purl?
It’s simply a Personalized web-site (URL) that is customized to the person visiting the web site. It is often used with to further increase results with Direct Mail campaigns. On the direct mail piece there would be a web-site listed that would encourage the recipient to log on to the PURL.

It’s Personal
PURL Marketing adds a personal touch to your direct response campaigns. They are a way to connect on a personal level with potential clients by creating a webpage specifically for them that promotes your brand and activates a call to action. Real time data is available to evaluate the campaign and on average we see 12% – 15% response even with costlier products.

  • Individualize each Direct Mail Piece with person’s name
  • Target specific demographics
  • Include detailed info about your business on
  • Direct Mail Piece*
  • Track traffic to each PURL site
  • Receive survey data
  • Receive all contact information from each consumer
*Include photos or a QR Code in Direct Mail Piece to generate interest and traffic to your business website.

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