Most of us on the East Coast experienced winter storm Jonas in varying degrees.  We here in the South had mostly sleet mixed with snow, and let me tell you it was very debilitating.  We do not do the white stuff very well down here!  Cabin fever sets in after a few days and we all go crazy, because we just cannot drive in that stuff.  The bread shelves were still bare on Sunday afternoon…I do not know what we intended to do with all the extra bread we purchased before the snow event , but you just have to have bread in your house prior to the first flakes hitting the ground.  How did you fare in the storm?  What are your favorite things to do on a snow day?

Besides Jonas, I hope that everyone is off to a great 2016!  Stay tuned into the site and Facebook; we should have some interesting developments this year.

On a side note, most people that know me know that I am a Steelers fan, by birthright; however, I am still proud of my NC team for their NFC Championship win this weekend.  As long as the Panthers are not playing the Steelers, I route for them.  Go Panthers!!!

In my normal fashion, I would like to close with a song…

Until next time,