We have been making a lot of updates to our USA Printing Online website and with that we are placing a focus on more and interesting ways to communicate with our customers.  I have been trying to make myself get up the nerve to publish my first blog post on our blog, and believe me it is just as daunting as I thought it would be.  What do I say?  Will people read or be interested in what I have to say?

Bleed Example

Our print online consultant suggested that the best way to come up with blog posts is to jot down customer’s questions and then elaborate on them.  To that end… one of the most asked questions I receive is, “What is print bleed“?  And how do I add it?

Print Bleed is an extra amount printed image that extends beyond the trim edge of a sheet of paper.  Why is this important?  If you do not add bleed to your files, image area that you do not want cut off may be cut into during the bindery process. How much bleed should I add?  1/8″ on all four sides of your document/file is standard.  The only time it would not be necessary to add bleed to a file is when you desire to have a white border.

The specific way to add bleed is dependent upon the program that you are creating your print files in.  For this post I’ll focus on Adobe Illustrator. With your file open -> select File -> Print -> choose Marks & Bleed on the left of the dialog box ->Enter bleed values for Top, Left, Bottom, and Right -> Click the link icon to make all the values the same or Select “Use Document Bleed” to use the bleed settings listed in the “New Document” dialog box.

Remember that the maximum bleed you can set is 72 points and the minimum bleed is 0 points.

Clear as mud? If you are having any difficulty at all figuring this out, please feel free to contact me at 866-887-7218 for specific instructions.

So, in the famous words of the Rolling Stones “Let it Bleed”!

Until next time,