Why printing?  Why have something printed when you can just send your collateral materials electronically?

I would like to start this post off with why I chose printing over 20 years ago and still choose to make printing a part of my daily life.  I entered the realm of printing as an eighteen year old college student.  My Dad worked in the industry and they hired employees college aged children for summer help out in the plant.  At the time, I really had no interest in printing but it was a good paycheck for an eighteen year old.  I had intended on becoming an English teacher, little did I know at the time that the printing industry would hold my interest.  My summer job for four years turned into a full-time job after college graduation.  So why printing for me?  I loved the idea of taking an electronic art file and turning it into something tangible that you could hold in your hands.  I have also had the pleasure of the day-to-day operations of  full color brochure for over 9 years; this has enabled me to talk with people all over the US and other parts of the World.

Many people still site tangibility as one of the reasons they prefer print media over digital media.  End users of the printed piece like the fact that they can hold something tactile in their hands, like a full color brochure; it ignites their senses.  They can turn pages, run their fingers over the different textures of the print area, they can dog ear a page.   I myself was one of the last people that I know to succumb to reading books in a digital format.  I used to love nothing more than walking into a library or a bookstore and thumbing through a book.  The smell was glorious!

As insider in the printing industry, I can tell you that there are PROS and CONS to strictly using either the printing or digital format on its own.  I am a champion of using them together; they mesh well.  For instance, send out a direct mail piece with a QR code that directs your customer to your website.  I have included a link to an article that touches on the pros and cons of both formats from Association Media and Publishing.

When we first envisioned creating a blog for the site I really wanted to write a blog using Bob Dylan’s “It’s All Over Now Baby Blue” in reference to printing…so here goes.  Come on you get it, right?  At least it references a color, a painter and patterns…works for me!



Until Next Time,